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The Summit Handbell Choir performs at Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley

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Music is a form of praise and prayer.  Under the direction of Organist and Music Director Clara Hong we enjoy a choral anthem most Sundays. Our all-volunteer choir rehearses before church (contact Ms. Hong if you’d like to learn more). We also have a handbell choir that performs about every 6 weeks. 

Our pipe organ is under reconstruction after a lightning strike. In the meantime, congregational singing is accompanied on the piano. Members, including youth, occasionally offer vocal or instrumental solos.


The "Bennet Memorial Organ" was dedicated on February 26, 1922, and was built by Midmer & Son Organ Company (later called Midmer-Losh). A new console from M.P. Moller Pipe Organ Company was added and dedicated in November of 1951.

During the late 1960s, the renowned organ technician Brant Duddy conducted a multi-year analysis of the organ and much of the instrument was essentially rebuilt to restore quality.

The organ at Summit was the first in Philadelphia to incorporate solid state relaying and circuitry to operate its many moving parts.

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